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The stone, the sun, the glance of mountain Parnassos, and the endless folk tradition, bent on the souls of the woman of our place and they fill them up with the valuable vision of cooperation.

Our attempt to retain and continue the folk tradition, made the most lifeless materials (such as: wool, golden thread, dough) speak to the people’s hearts.

After many , years of collective cooperation, the Agricultural handicraft women’s cooperative is proud abour the variety of activities and its offer of immortal’ folk tradition.



We continue the tradition of the famous «Arahovian» textiles.


-We make handmade texfiles, using traditional woven mashinery and natural stain colours. It is worth menttioning that we bequeath the art of natural stain colours to the young girls.

-We make «golden embroidery» for the traditional clothes (for men and women) and the household, and we also make golden embroidery to produce designs based on sketches of Greek churches.

-Savories which are based on local recepies such as: marmelades, sweets, drinks, «chilopites», «trahana» and many others, are made by our own hands who are following the traditional ways of preparationy.

-Another great activity of our association, is the various number of little ornamental things we make from dough. We also make arrangements of dry flowers.

-It is worth mentioning that we teach privately or in group lessons about our fine art of textiles and golden embroidery to intrested visitors.

Visitors have the opportunity to become involved in the art of textiles and also to participate in the every day agricultural activities that the place can generously offer.



In Arachova, the homeland of "Xenius Zeus" hospitality couldn’t be missing from the main activities of our association.


-We arrange traditional rooms (for your accommodation) which can either be independent or among the local houses, and we offer home -made Greek breakfast.

-We also arrange seaside tours to the places worth – seeing around Arahova sueh as: The ski Center of Parnassos, the monasteries of Saint Loukas and Propher Hlias in Chriso, the museums of Theva and Delphi the tourist place of "Kria" in Levadia and a lot more.


The "women’s Agricultural – Touristic, handicraft association of Arachova", is located in Arachova which belongs to the district of Biotia (160 km. away from Athens) and it was created in 1985, with the initiation of the local women, and the support of the ministry of Agriculture, EOMMEX, PASEGES and others.


Useful telephone numbers:

Information and bookings: (0030) 267 31519, 31701

Town Holl: (0030) 267 31250

Police: (0030) 267 31333

Ski center of Parnassos: (0030) 234 22639 – 5



To us, Tradition is a work for life