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If you haven’t seen the sun from the highest top of mountain Parnassos called «Liácoura» coming up from the bottom of tlie Aegean sea and you haven’t felt the figures of the heroes who are looking at you from the canon af Saint George’s chureh, then the words will not to describe the grandeur of than place.

Arachova is a mountainous village (950m. up to the see) located at the foot of mountain Parnassos in the district of «Biótia» and it is 160 km. away from Athens.

Beautiful stone made houses, narrow roads and fountains all over, is the first picture the visitor come across.

On the highest point of the village the historical church of «Saint George» is located and in its yard an old cannon have mánaged to swivive dating back to 1821.

During the celebration of «Saint George» (23 of Apri) old and young people dress themselves up with traditional clothes and they have a good time for four days.

Easter time is impressive too. The locals roást lambs on a split alongg the roads drinking dansing and enjoying themselves.

About 25km away from Arachova the ski center of Parnassos is locaded. In the winter visitors from Greece and al over the world, overflow the place to enjoy night life (at nights) that the night clubs of Aráchova generously offer.

Travelling souih, (around the same distance), The wonterfull coast of «Corinthian gulf» such as Itea, Galaxidi, Aspra Spitia are expecting you.

The locál people are simple and peaceful and they love tradition which they try to retain and keep in every way.


Dear stranger! If words are not enough to describe our homeland, is because Arahova can only be felt.

We invite you.

Efrosini Haritou

President of Cooperative


The stone, the sun, the glance of mountain Parnassos, and the endless folk tradition, bent on the souls of the woman of our place and they fill them up with the valuable vision of cooperation.

Our attempt to retain and continue the folk tradition, made the most lifeless materials (such as: wool, golden thread, dough) speak to the people’s hearts,


After many , years of collective cooperation, the Agricultural handicraft women’s cooperative is proud abour the variety of activities and its offer of immortal’ folk tradition.

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